About us

How we add value

Through innovation

We truly believe that besides the improvement of our technical or operational procedures we need to focus on the innovations of information technology to enhance performance. We do challenge ourselves every day for responsiveness to integrate new solutions and tools with best practice. Also we need to think every day pro-actively how we can do things better for our customers through our well based know how by implementing new ideas and initiatives.

Through employees

Our employees on the Clients sites are the ones who are continuously representing our philosophy and mission that is why we find it substantial to hire and employ skilled and trained employees. Our unified hiring and training policy demands the same standards and processes and leaders are responsible for investing in skills motivating employees to provide excellence in services and solutions from day to day.

Through communication

Our management structure ensures effective internal communication that supports our people and an effective communication towards our clients ensuring that all information is wired to the right ends and supports excellence in service delivery. The systems and platforms implemented are supporting effective data management ensuring that our clients are able to access all relevant data and information at the same platform for all sites and services with performance and operational reports transparently within a bigger picture.

Through a sustainable approach

Our alliance is a responsible business that supports local communities, protects the environment through its operation and activities, invests in skills of our people keeping them health and safe, and is a long-term partner for our suppliers and clients that all contribute to our business success.

Through solutions

Through our specialist services we offer solutions that result in cost optimization and efficiency in every service line we provide. Our group provides an extensive service audit to all business in order to plan long term saving plan throughout the whole life-cycle of the contract, implements Kaizen process and a bottom-up KPI structure. Our aggregated experience and knowledge is spread back as a combined knowledge base resulting in a Central Knowledge Bank.

Through our passion

As we love doing our job every day, we are making tireless efforts to prove our clients that they have made the right choice opting for 21st FM. Regular client satisfaction survey is implemented for the feedback of our clients.

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